September 26, 2021


There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t have my nose in my e-reader. I love looking for the next book that I’ll add to my que, I look for books all over, from by Kindle recommended list, Twitter, IG and other book review sites.

I don’t accept ARC’s, I will only review books that I have bought. For me this keeps my reviews a bit more pure. I used to own GGR-Review and as great of experience that was, it really had it’s downfalls also. Anyone who doesn’t run a blog will find it hard to appreciate all of the work that goes on in the background of the site to bring you the reviews, promotions and tours. It’s a very demanding and time consuming endeavor. It’s a full time job for many of the review site owners and you really need to be thankful for the time that they put in to give the genre an outlet for authors to get their books in front of readers.

With Book Reviewer M/M I’ve made it more simplistic. It’s just me. I will only be posting Reviews and once in a awhile maybe an opinion piece. This is my spot where I can post my opinions and perhaps help a reader in choosing or not choosing their next read.