September 26, 2021

Auctioned by Cara Dee

Book Blurb:

Gray Nolan’s biggest problem in life was the torch he carried for his closeted coach. He was just another happy-go-lucky dude, a college student and hockey player, when his ordinary existence was interrupted, and he became a human trafficking statistic. 

He and seven other young men were taken aboard a luxurious yacht where they were to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Gray was beaten, shattered, and almost defeated by the time his buyer stepped out of the shadows in a swirl of his own cigarette smoke. 

He was Gray’s new owner.

Darius Quinn had vowed never again to find himself in a situation like this. His days as a private military contractor were over. No more missions, no more risks, no more personal attachments. Yet, here he was, after weeks of searching, face-to-face with his broken prize.

It was time to get the knucklehead back to his family. 

Quick and easy was Darius’s plan. 

Then everything went sideways. 

Book Review:

Have you ever said WOW! after you finished a book?  I so did that when I finished Auctioned.  The storytelling is fantastic, I was blown away at how well written this story was, the author took a very horrid situation and turned it into quite the turn pager.  I’m going to call this a horror story with a whisper of romance, you’ll find slavery, murder, abuse and psychological terror.  I look at a book like this the same way I would a horror movie, find something comfortable to have with you and then hang on for the ride.

As the blurb states Gray and seven others are found kidnapped and the victims of human trafficking.  This book really made me take a look at the horrors in our world, I felt that what I was being told in the story could actually be happening to someone in the World, and in all reality, probably is. This is a gut wrenching realization.   The way the story is told the author takes you on a series of highs, lows and breathers. Thank goodness for the breathers, it really gave me a chance to catch my breath and settle down.  This story will also scare you, for me I had to put the book down a couple of times, I had to get my head around what I may find in the following pages.

At the beginning I said that there was a whisper of romance.   I really mean a whisper, but it was a welcome respite to what was happening outside of Gray and Darius’s cabin.  Here where Gray and Darius could let their guard down a little, it also gave me a chance for my heart rate to go down, for me to collect my thoughts and ready myself for what depravity lay there the next time they had to leave their cabin.

If you are looking for an exceptionally written tale of horror then this is the right book for you. 

You can go here for the author page of Cara Dee or here for the Amazon link to the book.

Book Info:

  • Print Length: 207 pages
  • Publication Date: June 28, 2018
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC


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