July 7, 2020

Review * Face the Music (Replay 1) by K.M. Neuhold

When someone asks you for a second chance romance this is a very good example.  Reason being, the characters really had to work at it, the author did an amazing job of leaving me on the edge over whether or not the characters would get back together, even though I was expecting it, the journey was great.

This book really brought back memories for me.   Linc and Jace grew up together during their summers at their respective lake houses, they spent all of their time together until it grew into something more.  See I had that same relationship with a boy growing up at our respective lake houses.  (I still remember Brian to this day, the way he looked and felt, we had a really good relationship, unfortunately for me my summer friend didn’t turn into a romance.) The younger versions of the characters have their own story going on at the same time as the adult versions.   Side B is the pre 18 storyline and Side A is the story 10 years later when the boys accidentally meet up again.   Part of side B was important for the development of the story but,  I could have done with a whole lot less of it.  After awhile, flipping back and forth through time got to be tiresome and it actually pulled me away from the main story.

Back to the main story.  There are parts of this that excelled and I thought the author was brilliant in how thoughtful they were in regards to Linc’s issues with self harm and suicidal tendencies.  This felt genuine and not just a contrived condition to give the story angst, very well done.  The story finds the boys accidentally reconnecting as they both decide to spend some time at their respective lake houses during Christmas.   The feelings that the characters had about this reunion were at opposite ends.  For Jace he has a hate relationship with Lincoln, after Linc left him the summer they turned 18, not only left him but just went, leaving Jace to question why they had mad all of these plans for a life together.   Lincoln on the other hand was elated, does he have the possibility of getting the life of his life back.

The author used this love hate relationship to it’s full potential, remember earlier when I said that the characters had to work at it, now you know why I made that statement.   It really was enjoyable to go through this journey with Lincoln and Jace.

You can go here to the author page of K.M. Neuhold or here for the Amazon link for the book.

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