January 24, 2021

Review * Guns n’ Boys: A Breath of Innocence by K.A. Merikan

I’m so excited to bring this review to you. The Guns n’ Boys series is my absolute favorite in the M/M genre, it has loads of Love, some pretty scorching hot sex, Family, murder, torture and less than standard sets of morality. It really is everything a typical romance story is not, well except for the Love and Sex. Now comes story 8, A Breath of Innocence, if you don’t like stories with low morals, murder or torture, than this story is for you, it will give you a chance to experience the world that K.A. Merikan has built. Best of all I think this is very much a Stand Alone book, so get your feet wet and experience part of the Guns n’ Boys series.

This is Mark’s story and I’ve been waiting a few books to find out who he really is.  Mark’s world was really an eye opening experience for me, his story got better and better as I read this book.  I’ve really only seen Mark as the mafioso son of Dom and Seth, a supporting character in the Guns n’ Boys series.  This is the Mark I envisioned, the sweet loving man with an edge.  This is the type of man that caught Griffith.

Character development was just amazing in this book, nothing was rushed and even the relationship between Mark and Griffith unfolded at such a natural pace.  The dynamics that these authors gave the characters was well thought out, I felt a real connection to both of the characters.  One thing I’ve always enjoyed about a Merikan book is the information that they give the reader on what their characters look like.   I find this a must have in any book that I can recommend, the main reason is that I can envision what the characters look like in my head, which makes it easier to see that story through the eyes of the character.  A really great job of story telling.

Although this story is sweet and romantic as hell, it does come with its bits of angst, well not a bit, I would say quite a bit.  If you didn’t read book 7, this is where Mark decides to set his own path in life and he has gone to the UK to find his love Charlotte.   He does find Charlotte but he also finds Griffith, Charlotte’s brother, enough said on that, you’ll have to read the book to find out how it all unfolds.

You can go here to the K.A. Merikan website or here for the Amazon link to the book.

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