October 24, 2021

Review * Misfits (Urban Soul 1) by Garrett Leigh

There are times that when I finish a book and I say that was really good.  This book surpasses that feeling, it was not only good, it was foremost, enjoyable, it made me feel good.

I was in the mood for a menage story so I searched on Amazon and this one popped up so I downloaded it.   This turned out to be such a unique experience.  This story breaks the barriers that your “average” love story involving 3 people usually takes.  Each of the characters has a distinct personality, Tom would probably be your typical romance lead character, then we have Cass who has lived hard and even after 9 years of being Tom’s partner, he still has some of his street edge.  Tom and Cass have built up a very successful collection of restaurants all under the Urban Soul umbrella.

Then along comes Jake via a sexual interlude with Tom.  Now Tom and Cass have an open relationship so this is in NO way cheating, and the agreement that Tom and Cass have is very well laid out in the story.  Jake has a unique characteristic and it is, Tourette’s Syndrome.  The author does an amazing job of letting the reader know about TS without making it tutorial.

So I’ve given you the basic outline of the characters and a little about where the story may lead.  Now let me talk about how the author pulled all of this together and what I think made this story so unique.  In most menage stories it is either an established couple that take on a 3rd or it’s more of a party situation.  With Misfits it’s Tom and Jake for weeks before Cass is brought into the fold.  This added a whole dimension to the story that Garrett was able to tell, it also lent a way for a few personal stories with each of the characters to take place, while the romance was being told.  It filled the pages and it really made the story complete, there really wasn’t a time that I was left wondering and if I did, the explanation wasn’t too far along in the pages.

By the time I reached the end of this story I was very invested in the characters and I wanted their story to continue.  For me this doesn’t happen very often and I honestly believe it is because Garrett did such an exceptional job of putting together this story.  A freakin’ awesome well done job.

Thank you for reading my review,

R.o.B (Reviewer of Books)

You can go here to find out more about Garrett Leigh on her author page or go here to the Amazon page for this book.


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