October 24, 2021

Review * Male Order by Leanna Carr


7-27-2018 UPDATE:    This book was removed from Amazon, reason unknown.   I went to post my review and it was gone.

This is one of those books that get the beware of the blurb, “they quickly embark into a passionate relationship exploring domination and submission.”  The thing is, this statement out of the blurb never happened, it leads the reader to believe that there will be some sort of D/s relationship with these characters.  There is definitely a lead up to it through talk but it is never anything that I saw Razer and Trenton participating in.  It actually never happened anywhere within the pages.  This is actually a love story about 2 characters that need to work past their demons in order to build a life together.

There are many things I did enjoy about this book, for one it kept me engaged with the story.   I enjoyed the other characters in the book, Blake who is Razer’s best friend and lover and then we have Dyson who is Trenton’s best friend and lover.  The sex was fun and since we had characters that slept with each other it gave a sexual diversity to the story.  I really enjoyed at how easy and fun the sex was with Razer and Blake, I always enjoy the fun side of sex and these guys seem to have the same inclinations.  There was also a 3-way with Trenton, Dyson and Razer, this was written really well, the author did a great job of keeping all the  limbs involved in the right places and it was easy to envision how everything was going down.  There is no cheating, if you recall I identified the other characters as best friends and not boyfriends.  Blake and Dyson are also the ones that enrolled Razer and Trenton in Male Order.  Blake realizing that this may help Razer finally work out his demons and for Dyson it offered an outlet for Trenton to live his D/s lifestyle he yearns for, since it is something that Dyson is not interested into. 

As Razer and Trenton work through their demons, it is a rocky road, and if not for the intervention of friends they may not have gotten together.  I enjoyed where the story was going with this I liked how awkward it was for Razer and Trenton it really gave the author a chance to really build the characters, as the reader I got a deeper feeling of who these guys were.  I have mixed feelings on how quickly the book came to an end, I was not able to see a life that Razer and Trenton were working at., all of a sudden it is 2 months later and the end rolls up on me.   I hope that there will be a sequel to Razer and Trenton’s story because I definitely want to read more about them.  This was not one of the best books that I have read but I really enjoyed the originality of the story and I am definitely not sorry that I picked it up. 


Razer Willis is used to being exploited. Forced to work as a model after losing a high paying marketing job, he’s close to being broke and homeless. Still, no matter how desperate his situation, he refuses to succumb to being yet another boy toy. After rejecting sex with a man who can make or break him, the incident brings back hurtful memories from his past. He buries himself in his painting attempting to find some peace. His lover and best friend is the only person who knows the secret from his past and is determined to drag him out of his personal hell. At the expense of their relationship, his best friend gives him an unusual gift. Membership into an elite club that brings men together for business and pleasure and the contract is for life. Male Order is discrete, on the up and up and screens applicants carefully. 

Trenton Masters holds ugly secrets of his own. In the same position as Razer, a comforting but loveless relationship, his man gives Trenton the same gift. After Razer and Trenton are paired by the owner of Male Order, they quickly embark into a passionate relationship exploring domination and submission. Unfortunately, their damaging pasts haunt them both, terrors so intense they both fear insanity. Events force Razer and Trenton into facing reality and finally discussing their pasts. Even though they both feel betrayed, there is something else pulsing just under the surface — real love. As their respective pasts slam into their comfortable lives, can two men forgive the monsters that had dragged them into hell or lose the only means of salvation? Are they strong enough to admit their love and give themselves a chance to heal? Are they able to let their love conquer the darkness and be happy?

You can go here to the Amazon link for the book or here to the Publisher site.

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