October 24, 2021

Review * Narrow Margins by JJ Harper


For me this book had a narrow margin between liking and not liking.  It actually fell on the liking side at the end.

The author had some really strong points in this story and I especially loved how well Corrie’s handicap was handled, I thought it was handled brilliantly.  It really showcased how a person should not be judged by, in this instance, an amputated leg, but how they are as a person.  I haven’t read many books that had an MC with a physical handicap and the way this author handled Corrie’s makes me want to reach out and read more.   I also felt the romantic connection between Griff and Corrie to be very genuine and I’ll come back to this in a moment.

There were 3 major irks that I had with this book.   The first was, I didn’t feel that Griff’s reasoning for not including Corrie as his alibi was far fetched.  Anyone that was facing what Griff was and to just take it, I call BS.  This isn’t a mobster story where someone takes the fall but is taken care of.  This is an innocent man that is being set up for a horrific deed out of jealousy.  The next thing was I didn’t get any good character visualizations.  Take a look at the cover of the book and it would be hard to guess which character was which by the depictions given in the story.  For me this is usually a killer but the author redeemed themselves a bit by giving Griff and Corrie such a beautiful love story.  And lastly, who in the heck are all of these characters and where did they come from?  I had a whole set of cast members that acted like I was supposed to know who they are and what they do, they seem to have come from a business called, Dea’th of You.  I looked all over the Amazon page of this book and I did not see a single thing that said that this was part of a series or not.  It really added a whole layer of confusion while reading, which pulled me away from Griff and Corrie’s story, so not nice, to do this to a reader.

You are probably saying to yourself, wow he really didn’t like this book.  For this you have to go back to the beginning where I said it was a narrow margin to which side I was going to land on this book.  The author did such a strong job with the rest of the story that it kept me engaged and I really WANTED to see how the story played out.

You can go here for the JJ Harper author page or here for the Amazon link to the book.


Well known as a playboy, Griff Broderick, MotoGP world champion, didn’t realize a chance meeting in a club would lead to him looking at his life in a whole new way. What was more surprising to him, the person who changed his life was a man!

Twelve hours after the greatest night of his life, a knock on his door threatens to take that life away from him. Choosing to take the chance, Griff ignores the offers of help from the one person who knew the truth: Corrie Deschamps. Losing his job, Griff has time to ponder his errors and mistakes. He knows, the biggest one was losing Corrie.

Corrie Deschamps, injured army veteran, knows the night with Griff Broderick was only a one night thing but the stubborn man’s refusal to accept his help has Corrie frustrated. Was Griff really so ashamed to admit he was with a man? But then Corrie stumbles into a life he never expected, with a man he thought he’d never see again: his brother, Raff McMahon. He tries to forget the one night he spent with Griff Broderick, the greatest night of his life.

Another meeting, at De’ath of You Enterprise headquarters, brings them together again. Corrie’s reaction is not one Griff, or the owners of De’ath of You, expected. Refusing to have anything to do with him, Corrie storms off.

Griff knows how hard he is going to have to work to prove himself to Corrie, to get his forgiveness for rejecting him and his help. How can he prove Corrie is the man for him? That he will never want another person, male or female.

Corrie doesn’t trust Griff, never believing the gay-for-you premise, but he wants him. Corrie’s body yearns for him. Can he get over his fears and accept him into his life, and into his heart? 

Will Griff be prepared to be seen with another man? Will he accept his sexuality? What happens when he gets bored and wants to return to the race track and MotoGP? Is there a place for Corrie in that lifestyle?

It’s time for them to man up and claim the love and life they want.

Book Details:

  • Print Length: 270 pages
  • ISBN: 1546738797
  • Publication Date: May 30, 2017
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

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