September 26, 2021

Review * Sinfully Mine by Nicky James

Book Blurb:

Four years ago, mistakes were made, lines were crossed, rules were broken.
It was wrong, and it never should have happened.
But, the past refuses to stay buried, wrongs start feeling right, and lines begin to blur.
Sometimes, the heart wants what the heart wants, and nothing will stand in its way.
Consequences be damned. Rules be damned. 
Sometimes, secrets are sinfully delicious.

Book Review:

Taboo, no problem.  I’m a pretty eclectic reader and I take any book that I pick up to read as a source of entertainment.  I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised at how well put together this book was.

More often than not you will get a story that reads like porn when it entails a brother/brother storyline.  This was far from that and I was truly amazed at how well put together this story was.   It wasn’t like each brother said “Lets experiment”, NO there was a reason that this pairing made sense.

Kai and Emerson have a Mother with an emotional problem, she doesn’t have an emotional bond with her children.  Emerson being the oldest took the responsibility of raising his younger brother.  Between their Mother not being there for them and Emerson taking the adult and assertive role it gave the story line a believable basis for the feelings that stirred between these young men.

This author gave us such a strong and emotional story of Love.  It was the way that it was told that you didn’t really care about whether or not they were brothers, it made me feel for the characters, it gave me an emotional attachment to them.  This is one of my top 2 best taboo stories with brother/brother characters.

Now to the bad part.  As strong and emotional the story was told it lacked the outward character descriptions.  When you are looking at or have your hands on another man you notice things both visually and by touch.  These observations by each of the characters was lost in the story so I was left with a visualization of stick people with emotions.

You can go here for the author page of Nicky James or here for the Amazon link to the book.

Book Info:

  • Print Length: 299 pages
  • Publication Date: August 22, 2018
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC


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