October 24, 2021

Review * Taken Boy by Loki Renard


This book had it’s good points and some bad points, unfortunately the bad outweighed the good by a smidge.

I liked the premise of the story and the character building was good, perhaps to good.  The subsequent actions particularly on Bobby’s part didn’t match up with the character that I was told about when he was taken by Angelo.  I felt that Bobby broke too quickly, it turns out he wasn’t the “tough guy” that we were made to  believe.   I actually think that this could have been diverted if the story was longer so that it gave more time for Angelo to work on breaking Bobby.  

Today I went into the office because I was far behind on some things, so I said that I will work from 10a to 3p and get as much done as I could.  That made me think of this book, it’s as if the author set a specific number of pages and then wrote the story to fit in that space, for that reason the story didn’t unfold realistically for me.   The story just didn’t work and I think I’ll skip the subsequent books in the series.

You can go here for the author page of Loki Renard or here for the Amazon link to the book.


Revenge has no happily ever after.

Bobby likes to think he’s the boss. A brutal twenty-two year old gangster prodigy with a vendetta against a heir to billions, he’s about to wipe his biggest enemy off the map. But Bobby’s been making some powerful enemies himself, and he just landed on the radar of a man it’s better not to know.

Angelo Vitali is the real deal, a dyed in the wool Sicilian who knows exactly how to deal with a wannabe mafioso. He’ll take Bobby, break Bobby – and love every minute of it.

TAKEN BOY is a very dark gay romance. You have been warned.

Book Details:

  • Print Length: 95 pages
  • Publication Date: March 30, 2018
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

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