October 24, 2021

Review * Three-Man Advantage by Ariel Bishop


Yay me!  Why you say?  I usually say this if something good happens in my life and reading this book was one of those good things, so again Yay me.

I’m a pretty eclectic reader, I enjoy most all tropes and MMM is one of my favs, so I can be pretty cynical if one of these books don’t hold up to my expectations.  The story held together from beginning to end, the character building was exceptional and the way that the romance unfolded was original and Oh So Hot!

Sasha and Bo are an existing couple and David is there best friend.   Here is where it gets interesting, in the way that the throupling evolves and it’s not something I’ve come across before.   The thing that made this romance come together so nicely is that Sasha and Bo actually talk to each other as they voice their wants, ideas and expectations.  This communication continued with David when he joined them and if really gave the story a natural feel.  Oh Ya, this was a really HOT group.

The author really knows how to write a story with 3 main characters, I think one of the biggest challenges in writing a sex scene with 3 characters is letting the reader read through it and not get confused on who is where, who is doing who and how did that leg get there.  The author did this professionally and it was easy to read while keeping it extremely Sexy.

I loved this book and it will be listed as one of my favorites, this is one that I will probably reread, it brought me that much enjoyment.  So click that link and see what I’m talking about.

You can go here to the author page for Ariel Bishop or here for the Amazon link to the book.


He can’t choose…

Leadership and setting an upstanding example are everything to Wisconsin Wendigos captain David Dickson. On ice, he’s got it all together. Off ice? Not so much. For years he’s been pining for not one, but both of the loyal alternate captains who’ve stood by him through thick and thin. 

They’ve always had his back…

Sasha Ivanov and Bo McAllister have always seemed more into each other then into their captain. But when the stress of the season starts affecting David, they’re more than willing to step up and help him deal with it–by whatever means necessary.

He can’t resist…

When Sasha and Bo offer him everything he’s been wanting, David can’t say no, even though he knows it comes with an expiration date. But the more he finds himself fitting into their life, the more he wants what he knows he can’t have.

Can Bo and Sasha find room in their hearts for one more person? Will David let them bring him into their life? Or are these captains doomed to remain just teammates?

Find out in this steamy sports romance novel, featuring a team captain who’s too stubborn for his own good, a defenceman with a heart of gold, and a goalie who never has a problem using his words.

Three-Man Advantage is a standalone romance with a HEA and no cliffhanger! Also includes a sneak peek at Holding, Book 3 in the Tripping series, coming in October 2018!!!

Book Details:

  • Publication Date: June 2, 2018
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
  • Series:  Tripping Book 2


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