October 24, 2021

Review * Witchbane by Morgan Brice


I do like a good paranormal story that centers around magic and this story really delivered.   From the very beginning it sucks you in with it’s action and intrigue, even though is a sad time in the life of one of our MC’s, Seth Tanner.  The opening scene was the tool that drove the rest of the story it gave me an insight into the man Seth is now, it led to the believably of the storyline.  This story was also fresh and original ,  It did have the feel of Supernatural but the author gave it her original spin on it.

Seth is a supernatural tracker, his drive is looking for the unimaginable that took the life of his brother 10 years ago.  The story is very intriguing and the author dragged me right in (willingly of course).  The story moved quickly it has a great mixture of intrigue, mystery and of course the budding romance between the main characters, Seth and Evan.  The sex scenes are really well written and each scene is different from the other so there isn’t that “oh this again” while I was reading, they were also easily visualized.

The relationship with Seth and Evan was intense from a reader angle.  There were times I was cheering on Seth and other times it was Evan.  You could say that they didn’t always see eye to eye and they liked to butt heads, so not only was the mystery part of the book captivating the relationship was also.

The ending is a little open ended, there could definitely be a sequel that comes from it, but it also tidies everything up enough that I felt fulfilled when finished and didn’t have that feeling that I am missing something or the author held something back.

You can go here to the author page of Morgan Brice or here to the Amazon link to the book.


Seth Tanner and his brother Jesse’s fun evening debunking local urban legends ends with Jesse’s gruesome murder. Seth vows revenge on Jesse’s killer – too bad the murderer has been dead for a hundred years. Seth uncovers a cycle of ritual killings that feed the power of a dark warlock’s immortal witch-disciples, and he’s hell bent on stopping Jackson Malone from becoming the next victim. He’s used to risking his neck. He never intended to risk his heart.

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