Q:  How do I send you a book review request?

A:  Send me a request via the Google Doc in the REVIEW REQUEST tab.   If you are unable to utilize the form, send me a request via email:  BookReviewerMM@gmail.com

Q:  If I send you a review request does that guarantee a review?

A:  The simple answer is no.   I’m a one person blog so my time and the amount of books I’m able to read is constrained by time,  In all reality I will probably only accept 25-30 requests per year.

Q:  Are you available for Book Promotions and Book Tours?

A:  Yes, I’m more than happy to help, and to lend my time and space.   Email all requests:   BookReviewerMM@gmail.com

Q:  Do you accept Guest Reviews?

A:  I am always open for guest reviews, so if you have read a book that you really liked and would like me to consider posting it, please send me an email with the book details and a blurb of your review to:  BookReviewerMM@gmail.com

Q:  Can I advertise my book on your website?

A:  Right now all Advertising Areas are Free of Charge.   There will be 9 areas that are available for Promotion.   The Slider at the top will have 6 Banners that rotate every 10 seconds.   There are also 3 Sub Headers that are available.   Send me an email and let’s get your book cover or banner uploaded.  BookReviewerMM@gmail.com

Q:   I noticed that you don’t do a rating of the books you read, is there a reason for it?

A:   That is correct, I’ve always had a problem with ratings and the turmoil that they seem to raise.  I feel that books are subjective for the most part, yes there are mechanicals to a book that aren’t subjective and most of those are brought on by editing errors.  On the other hand stories bring out feelings and the way a book makes me feel may not bring out that same feelings in others.  That is why I let my reviews do the talking instead of a rating.