June 1, 2020

Leading Light Omnibus by Reegan Ellis

Fame and fortune can buy you a lot… but what about love?

Gathered together for the first time, the Leading Light series explores how empty life can feel even when you have everything… except love:

Snapshot: Outed to the public by leaked photos after what was already a rough breakup, actor Owen Hart is happy to hide in a small town to where he’s filming his next movie. When he runs into a cute local, well, what’s the harm in a rebound? He can have fun for a few weeks, then walk away when filming ends and never have to see James again. Except thinking about James is all Owen can seem to do…

Starstruck: Frustrated by his struggling acting career and irritated that he has to do an appearance at a video game convention of all things, blowing off some steam with the first cute guy to catch his eye seems like a great idea to Neal Pearce. Leaked pictures turn a night of fun into a media nightmare, at least until Neal’s publicist has an idea: roll with the rumors, officially come out, and turn that one-night stand into a fake PR relationship. Neal knows better than to let feelings get involved in something that’s not real… right?

Ever After: After being raked over the coals in the media, actor Theodore Thompson agrees to be the suitor on reality dating show Ever After in a desperate attempt to save his career. If fake dating and fake falling in love for the cameras will do the trick, he’ll put up with it… though that’s easier said than done when he meets Jesse, one of the show’s producers. Jesse is supposed to be getting the women on the show to fall in love with Theodore, not doing that himself… and together they can’t help but dream about creating their own happily ever after.

The Leading Light Omnibus contains all three contemporary m/m romance novels in the Leading Light series, totaling 175,000 words. All three books feature actors falling in love with the people they least expect, plenty of time spent between the sheets, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after in each book.

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